Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sunset at La Phare--check.

A recent exhausted Sunday (after staying out late dancing Saturday night) found me on my way to the Mermoz beach with friends.  But plans changed--and off we went to explore a new beach, near La Phare (the lighthouse), in Mamelles.  We walked north for a ways along Rue Ouakam until a car rapide pulled up with space for all of us.  We clambered in, and off we went, none of us knowing exactly where we were headed.

inside the car rapide, which had pink lacy curtains and a heart-shaped pillow
that said "I Love You" hanging from the rear-view mirror

The beach we found was fabulous: small, calm, without all the world's football players exercising.  And there was a little bitty bar, and some guys were grilling fish, and one guy was catching fish.  And it was just beautiful.  We stretched out and enjoyed ourselves.  The water was frigid.

the lighthouse is situated on the hill/cliff in the background here

we spread out our panne-style skirts and tanned

And then the sun started going down, and we started going up--up to La Phare.  It was about a 20 minute gentle hike.  It was windy, and the light was lovely.

restaurant at the top, where we had bouye juice and fataaya poisson

And then it got dark.  We walked down surrounded by the sound of crickets, caught a taxi, and returned home.  I was windswept and exhilarated to have accomplished one of those things on my list of things I must experience while in Senegal--a sunset from the top of La Phare.  Beautiful.

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